Girls’ Basketball Teams Shoot Towards Equity in the Game

The girls’ basketball team puts in a great amount of work and deserves the same respect that the boy’s team gets. Boys’ basketball gets more attention because boys can do more things than girls can in basketball. The games are faster and tougher and sometimes even more intense than the girls’ basketball games. 

Not many fans come to watch the girls play unless it’s their friends or family members who come to watch them play. The boys have mostly overpowered the girls in basketball but the girls have been trying to overcome the boys and take the most wins. They have tried to put up a fight and win all the games.  

The girls’ team has won and lost games. They have improved a lot but there are things they need to continue improving so they can make it to the top. Sophomore Chyla McCullough is a basketball player here at Proviso East. McCollough believes she can accept failure because sometimes her team will not always succeed; yet the team believes strongly that they should be represented at the same level of excellence as the boys.  

Sophomore Aaliyah Pierce is the manager of the girls’ basketball team. Pierce stated, “As manager, Aaliyah has a responsibility to cheer the girls on at every game.” The girls team strives for success and pride while they develop a commitment to teamwork and service Proviso East High School.  

For many girls, their dream may not seem possible because of the things people say about the team. The girls are provided scholarships just as well the boys are provided . As McCollough stated, “Some people put the girls down just because we are girls.”  This is sometimes true.   

Some people take girls as a weakness and think they can’t be as good as the boys in basketball. The speed of a boys’ games makes the girls’ game seem much slower. However, the girls here at Proviso East are here to prove everyone wrong.