Students Making Positive Connections with the School


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English Teacher Saima Iqbal enjoys working with students like seniors Mekai Fountain and Arturo Fajardo.

What should the environment be like for the kids at Proviso East? 

I personally think that when students walk through this building, they should not be cautious. Instead, they should be excited and ready to explore through classes and after-school activities. Kids learn in their classes and after school comes the fun, like playing football and doing Newspaper Club. 

Is it useful for students to connect with the teachers and coaches?

Yes, students and the adults of the school can connect on a positive note which helps them grow and be better.  

Try to find ways to get yourself involved, especially if you are new. According to senior Karyme Ortega, she participated in an after-school activity that was very satisfying. “For the Hispanic Heritage month I got to show off my quinceanera dress and it made me happy to show off my culture, so the others understand how much it means to me.” 

In my opinion, we all come from different backgrounds, struggles, and trauma. At a certain point, you must put all of that into something that you love, like a sport or club. 

School is an escape for some of us.  For example, I can relate to issues in Social Studies teacher Christopher Sunner’s class where I can give my honest opinion on issues that we have been talking about, like Black history. I can relate to this topic and when others give their opinions on the subject, I feel like we can all relate to the topic and come together. 

When students grow so much, there is anxiety about going through so many changes and pressure to stay on the right path. It is safe to say that a positive environment between students and teachers can help with the problematic things. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Creating safe and supportive environments (SSE) emphasizes aspects of the school’s environment that encourage students to be more; in their school life and to feel connected to important adults at school and at home.”  

Senior Jayla Anders has enjoyed working with her teachers through school activities. “I helped my English teacher (Saima) Iqbal put up décor,” said Anders. “It was fun. I met and became cool with a lot of people. When I was helping, (Iqbal) was laughing a lot. It made me say, ‘I should do this more often.’” 

What should the environment be like for the kids at Proviso East? Students should try to think more of the positive than the negative. You never know how much the positive can do for you as you rise more, grow, and become more stable.